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Celebrating With Your Team Online

We all know how good it feels to celebrate together, to appreciate others and receive appreciation. Science even shows a direct correlation between celebrating at work with increased levels of trust, happiness, openness for innovation and productivity. Yet many of us struggle to build these moments into our daily work, especially when we’re working online.

We also know that 2020 has been a year full of challenges and uncertainty for many of us. This means it’s even more important than ever to look back and appreciate what we have experienced and achieved this year - for ourselves and in our team.

So let’s celebrate! 

Join us on Zoom for a free workshop on Celebrating with Your Team Online. Over 90 minutes we will learn about: 

  • Virtual team celebration ideas

  • Tools, tips and methods to bring more celebration and appreciation into your work

  • Why it’s so important to celebrate in your team: some scientific facts to convince any colleague or boss to celebrate more often

  • Reflect on your year and the moments and people you want to celebrate

Whether you are a leader, team member, or simply looking for ways to celebrate with your team online, we invite you to join us for an interactive workshop. We’d love to learn from your ideas and experiences as well! 

We look forward to exploring, learning and celebrating together with you!

The Unity Effect Team



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