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Are you passionate about making an impact?

As young people we care about the world around us and we want to have purposeful jobs & lives. We are ready to co-create and lead innovative, sustainable solutions to our global challenges.

But where do we begin? What does it really mean to be purposeful? And how can we make meaningful impact?

The Changemaker Journey is a personal and leadership development program for entrepreneurs, innovators, students and young leaders which seeks to answer these questions. It empowers changemakers to develop the inner capacities we need to co-create change as authentic leaders and innovators.

Join us on a 10 week journey with small groups of up to 12 changemakers integrating:

  • interactive exercises
  • experiential workshops
  • and peer mentoring guided by expert facilitators.

The Changemaker Journey combines online and offline sessions. In person sessions will be held on 13. October, 10. November and 15. December, taking place at Social Impact Lab Heinemannstraße 34, Bonn. 

Online Session taking place every Monday 18:30-20:30 on Zoom.


Students: 340€

Individuals: 690€ 

Corporates: 1400€


Please include company address for additional invoice details if required.

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