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The success of Community Wealth Building

Speakers: Eleanor Radcliffe & Oliver Seabarron
Time: Tuesday, 30.11.2021 from 12:30 – 16:30h
Place: Online via Zoom
Language: English

Global challenges can be withstood and resisted by strong empowered communities. As an alternative to the dominant economic model, Community Wealth Building seeks to hold, share and democratize wealth within local contexts. What strategies and practical tools underpin this approach? This workshop offers a general understanding of the approach, a review of successful examples in the United Kingdom, and practical exercises to explore, step by step, how it could be transferred  to other places.

The workshop with be held together with the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES). Based in the United Kingdom, CLES is a think and do tank that works for progressing economic interventions and ideas that lead to social justice and effective public services. Their experience in the implementation of Community Wealth Building strategies can be inspiring for other places that want to alleviate poverty thinking „out of the box“!

Eleanor Radcliffe is Senior Researcher at CLES, and her expertise tackles diverse topics such as co-production, housing and community activism. As a experienced facilitator, her focus is on applying knowledge from her researches and boost citizen participation in decision making processes. 

Oliver Seabarron works as Analyst at CLES. His knowledge on econometrics, advanced statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms, is being used by the Centre to develop a financial analysis of local economies that leads to understand how wealth is held in places and how if flows through them. 

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