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CoSMo - Current Perspectives on the Future of Self-Regulation and Motivation Research: Honorary Symposium for Dr. Jacquelynne Eccles

July 25th-27th, 2022


With the conference title “CoSMo: Current perspectives on the future of self-regulation and motivation research,” we focus on some emerging “hot topics” in these fields: digitization, learning processes, and interventions. First, the ongoing advances in digitization enable new approaches in teaching as well as in research that can confirm, deepen, and expand previous findings on learning processes. However, does digitization transform motivation science or is it just another learning environment? The second focus of this conference is on the shift from a trait to a state perspective: Are learning analytics and big data analyses the new path to pursue? As a third hot topic, we aim for an open discussion on the question of what do we know after two decades of intervention studies? Furthermore, we press for some answers on a more general level: How will the three topics affect the way motivation science and self-regulation research intersect and how they differ? We envision lots of open discussions and insights–and perhaps some starting points for future collaborations. ​​​​​​​

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We are happy welcoming and having you in Tübingen and will provide funding for your travel, accomodation and stay. At the same time it is also possible to bring in own funding.


We are about to finalize an agenda for the conference and plan to have round table discussions. If you have topics you want to discuss/contribute please let us know.


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