“Advances in Qualitative Research in the Context of Lifelong Learning” - XX Workshop of Qualitative Research in Psychology and Education

As the landscape of education evolves, lifelong learning has emerged as a pivotal paradigm to address the dynamic demands of the modern world. In the pursuit of understanding the intricacies and impact of lifelong learning, qualitative research methods have proven to be invaluable in providing nuanced insights into learners' experiences, motivations, and learning processes. This conference aims to explore the recent advancements in qualitative research methods that have revolutionized our understanding of lifelong learning.

The conference will bring together scholars, researchers, and practitioners from diverse fields, such as education, psychology, sociology, and anthropology, to share their latest findings, methodologies, and best practices. The overarching goal is to foster a collaborative environment that promotes cross-disciplinary dialogue, encourages methodological innovation, and ultimately enriches our comprehension of the multifaceted dimensions of lifelong learning.

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