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Thematic Seminars (Online): Genealogical perspectives on criminalisation and figures of crime. 

May 27th/ June 11th/ June 14th

In three sessions, we explore the political and legal genealogies of what is marked and governed as crime and criminal, and the production of condensed figures of threat. It grasps social categories of crimes and criminality as produced and negotiated through laws, policies, administrative categories, political debates, imaginaries and practices.  We ask: Through which historical trajectories does criminalisation emerge as an instrument to govern groups and practices seen as a threat for moral and social orders? How do legal and crime control policies, and political debates, imaginaries and practices, frame criminalised spaces and re-shape particular figures of crime?

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Working Sessions

June 11th and June 14th, two working sessions will take place including the focused work within smaller groups. Due to the chosen working style, only a limited number of participants can be invited.
Please express your interest only if you are willing and able to contribute actively to the following discussions:

June11th, 12am-3pm (CEST): Working Session I

  • Presentation by Johanna Nickels from the research project "Penal Cultures on the Continent": "Always More and Never Enough? A French-German Comparison of Legislative Dynamics in Criminal Law"
  • Working Groups
    1. Crime and Media
    : Representations of crime and criminality in the media.
    Prof. Nicolas Hubé, Dr. Jérémy Geeraert, Dr. Claire Ruffio, Dr. Todd Sekuler
    2. Vulnerablising criminalised subjects: Entanglements of gender and crime. 
    Dr. Agata Chełstowska, Dr. Agata Dziuban, Dr. Friederike Faust, Dr. Justyna Struzik
June 14th, 10am-1pm (CEST): Working Session II
  • Presentation by Dr. Mathilde Darley: "Judging human trafficking in France and Germany: The criminal production of the victim of sexual exploitation"
  • Discussion
  • Launch of CrimLines (Timelines of Criminalisation)

Movie Screening "Travel", Monday, June 14th, 8 pm


We reserve the right to programm changes and to exclude people from participation in case of discriminatory incidents.

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