Ulrike Greimers


"Sacred songs" are available in all cultures, and the musician Barbara Swetina has compiled many of them in the "Heaven & Earth Community Songbook" (available for download as a PDF on the next page).

I met Barbara and the Sacred Songs in Scotland in May 2018 - and have enjoyed singing them for my life ever since. I am happy to infect you with my enthusiasm for it ... ;-)

We will sing for 30 minutes (everyone at home in front of their PC / laptop / smartphone - the microphones are muted so that we will not hear each other, but will see each other (therefore please log in with video)). There will be songs with simple, repetitive lyrics, so that you can at least sing along with the chorus quickly. You can also sit back and relax and let yourself be singed ... just as your feeling recommends!

The more relaxed you are (preferably with your eyes closed), the more intense the healing effects of the songs can be.

Afterwards there will be the opportunity to exchange in a 2-3 group.

Anyone participating via smartphone / tablet needs the ZOOM app - please install in good time.

The doors will be opened 10 minutes before the start (and closed at the start of the event ;-)), and there will be relaxation music to arrive relaxed. Please ensure that you have an undisturbed place (mute smartphone, sign on the door for roommates ;-) ...)

I am looking forward to you and wish you a good time until the event!

Kind regards,


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