Martin H. Trauth



Workshop Announcement

Data-model connections in paleoclimate research within the Geo.X network

Monday 30 September 2024 | 9 am–5 pm

at the University of Potsdam, Institute of Geosciences, Campus Golm, Haus 27, 14476 Potsdam-Golm

In (paleo)climate research, reconstructors, data analysts and modelers are working increasingly closely together. A new generation of scientists is also emerging that overcomes traditional disciplinary boundaries between, for example, geology, physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics, and combines reconstruction, data analysis and modeling. Nevertheless, there are still problems in communication, in understanding the respective approaches, their possibilities and limitations, and in interpreting the results.

Among the known problems in reconstructing climate is understanding the proxy-forming process, the recording of the proxy in the climate archive, and distortions of the recorded climate record during sampling and measurement. Secondly, in addition to all the uncertainties involved in reconstructing climate from proxies, the low temporal and spatial resolution of climate reconstructions poses a challenge for data-model projects. Thirdly, the processing and analysis of the data take many statistical and numerical methods to their limits due to the small sample size, uneven spacing of the data and large (often unknown) errors. On the other hand, models are models, providing only a (more or less reliable) representation of nature, highly simplified and dependent on a reliable understanding of the processes.

The workshop aims to bring together reconstructors, data analysts and modelers to better understand the possibilities and limitations of their scientific work. The one-day workshop will be introduced by four introductory, well-coordinated presentations in the style of lectures by the applicants: (1) archives and proxies, (2) signal and noise, (3) data analysis, and (4) modeling. Subsequently, participants will be asked to present talks with examples where questions on the topic of data-model connections have been solved or still need to be solved.

Kindly register for participation and specify your interest in contributing to one of the four topics.

This workshop is financially supported by Geo.X - The Research Network for Geosciences in Berlin and Potsdam, as part of call “Grow Your Idea! - Developing new collaborative research in geo- and planetary science using existing competencies in the Geo.X network”. For further Information: Please do not hesitate to contact Martin H. Trauth (UP) with any questions. We are looking forward to a successfull workshop with you! 

Martin H. Trauth, Markus Fischer, Manfred Mudelsee (UP)

Stefanie Kaboth-Bahr (FUB)

Georg Feulner, Norbert Marwan, Matteo Willeit (PIK)

Thom Laepple, Ulrike Herzschuh (AWI)

Dirk Sachse, Rik Tjallingii (GFZ)