Welcome to the first D Health event on German ground!



  • What a German Healthcare trust expect and doesn`t expect from Digital Health solutions – another perspective
  • Market Trajectory: A review of Digital Health across 2016 and a view forward
  • Building international partnerships that work: A legal perspective
  • Funding/Crowdfunding/Grants – not without a clear focus on how to accelerate business

Panel discussions:

  • Digital Health solutions – the “right” sales channel?
  • Digital Health – Who will be in the leading position? Hospitals, the industry or the consumer?

Pitches: Show Us Your Company and Ideas!

  • Get up – Stand up: 2 slides, 2 minutes, Needs and Offers

Country Pitches:

  • International perspectives for Digital Health solutions.
    Germany, UK, Spain, Scandinavia


  • Survivorship Bias: A comment based on experiences
  • D Health in Germany – Continuing the story