Overview of the event

  • About DigiFed: The DigiFed Innovation Action aims at fostering the digitalization of the EU-industry in the fields of CPS and embedded systems. For this, it relies on its DIH-network and ecosystem to support SMEs in the development of innovative solutions
  • About the Event: This present DigiFed-event focuses on discussing the foundations of the three Innovation Pathways tested by DigiFed and their implementation in a collaborative setting by the participaing DIHs and the DigiFed-DIHs
  • Expected outcomes: By the end of the event, participating DIHs will have a clear understanding of how to adapt and implement the Pathways, identified potential DIHs to implement them in a collaborative setting, and a tentative roadmap for their implementation
  • Benefit to participants: Participating DIHs will benefit by learning and evaluating new instruments to support the digitalization of their clients through joint DIH-collaboration, thus galvanizing cooperation between DIHs and expanding business opportunities for their ecosystems

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As DigiFed comes to its final stages, time has come to consolidate collaboration with the extended European partners and DIH-ecosystem built and engaged throughout the project runtime. Thus, the online Info-Session and workshop focuses on presenting and discussing the foundations for the implementation of the three Innovation Pathways tested by DigiFed and prepare the conditions to develop concrete collaboration through the joint implementation of these pathways between DIHs.

We will organize into three workgroups addressing each Pathway one-at-a-time. An Information Package will be delivered to all DIHs registered in the Info-Session one week before the event. The Package will provide a comprehensive description of the Pathways and scenarios in which the project has identified greatest impact opportunities and benefit for DIHs. The Package will also specify and detail the minimum structural, organizational, and financial requirements for the operation of these instruments, and will include proto-business models for their implementation in collaborative settings, such that the value proposition and the identification of revenue streams facilitate their intergration by partnering DIHs.

At the end of the Info-Session, DIHs will have a clear understanding of how to implement adapted versions of the DigiFed-Innovation Pathways, identified potential DIHs with whom to implement them in a collaborative setting, produced realistic approaches to implement individual pathways and a tentative roadmap for their implementation. 

The Info-Session will directly connect with the DigiFed-Final Event to be held the 30th of November and 1st of December in Grenoble to consolidate the implementation roadmap of the Pathways between DIHs and concretize collaboration through the signature of MoUs.

Hour  TopicDuration
09:50Access to the Info-Session10 mins.
10:00 Introduction and overview of the DigiFed-Innovation Pathways:
- TWIN/SINGLE Application Experiments (TAE)
- Digital Challenges
- Generic Experiment Communities
30 mins.
10:30 Rotating working groups focused on each of the Pathways individually 
TWIN/SINGLE AEDigital ChallengeGE Communities 
Workgroup 1Workgroup 2Workgroup 330 mins
Workgroup 2Workgroup 1Workgroup 230 mins.
Workgroup 3Workgroup 3Workgroup 130 mins.
12:00 Wrap-up, follow-up strategy and farewell10 mins.

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