Within the SAE initiative lies DigiFed dedicated to supporting EU industries to digitalize their product & services and reaching new markets enabled by Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) & Embedded Systems. During the last 28 months, the DigiFed Innovation Action has relied on its DIH-network and ecosystem to support SMEs in the development of innovative solutions in the field of CPS.

The Introduction to Regional and European DIH Ecosystem Collaboration event is hosted by the DigiFed Project and will feature Baden-Württemberg’s regional DIH landscape, DIH practices and success stories, next to other European regional DIH networks and their experiences. This will be an online activity and will take place the 19th of May between 09.30 and 12.30 hours

This event will be a learning experience for all those interested in how regional DIH ecosystems function, what services they offer and how collaboration between different European regions can best be established.  

Participants will map and compare regional approaches to DIH support in an interactive session. Furthermore, value added is provided by experiences and advice from European level (DIHNET.EU project) on how to foster EU-national regional DIH collaboration.  

About DigiFed 

The DigiFed project is a network of six regional Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), that support European SMEs, mid-caps and start-ups in their digitization routes. To enhance their offerings and considering current developments as regards European DIHs, that will be increasingly supported by the European Commission, DIH-collaboration and network expansion is a key factor for success.  

This event belongs to a series of six events that are organised by the DigiFed Consortium. Check out the DigiFed website for more information. 

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Introduction to DigiFed and Objectives of the Event  

Fredy Ríos Silva  

Project Manager, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum (SEZ)  


The Ecosystem of Digital Innovation Hubs in Baden-Württemberg   

Meike Reimann - Senior Project Manager, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum  


Good practices of Regional Digital Hubs in Baden-Württemberg: approach, support offered and success stories  

Kevina Glaser - Digital Innovation Centre Baden-Württemberg and FZI Research Center for Information Technology


Panel Discussion with regional representatives:

How do other regions operate? - Other DIH support Initiatives (including SME success case)  

Dr. Vicze Gábor - CEO innomine, Hungary

Ference Ender - Budapest University, Hungary

Maria Pournari  - Senior Project Manager, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Greece

Dr. Katri Valkokari – Research Manager at VTT, Finland 


Interactive Session: Compilation of support mechanisms for local DIH ecosystems 

All participants,   

Moderators: Sarah Mortimer / Fredy Ríos Silva  


Mural analysis and final conclusions   

Sarah Mortimer - Project Manager, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum  


How to foster EU-national-regional DIH collaboration  

Maurits Butter - Senior Scientist TNO, DIHNET.EU   


Digital Networking   


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