Digital Democracies: A two-face story 

Lecture series of the HfP and the TUM Think Tank for the academic year 2023-2024

What are the implications of digital technologies for contemporary democracies? What light and shade do we see in digital democracies?

In the midst of current debates about the societal implications of digital technologies stands the fear that they are about to doom democracies as we know them. This view stands in stark contrast to the early days of computers and the internet when digital technologies promised to liberate humans from hard labor, achieve free speech for all, enable better politics and administration, and many more blessings. This event series draws from the rich legacy of political theory to scrutinize digital societies and their ambivalent relationship with democracy. A first series of events explores the glorious tales of democratic theory; the second approaches the tales of democratic disaster and failure. All sessions take a dive into democratic theory and into recent digital technologies and socio-technical trends. 

Each lecture will have a keynote; followed by a discussion. First year students will prepare short reflections. The lectures are addressed to faculty, students, and the wider public.


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