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Free Online Workshop: Giving & Receiving Empowering Feedback

What comes to mind when you hear the word feedback? Cold chills thinking of hearing hard things about your performance? Awkwardness of sharing negative feedback with a colleague? A yearly routine to be endured? Or frustration at not having a feedback culture where you can voice your concerns? 

What if instead, we embraced feedback as a key tool to empower ourselves and our teams?

Giving feedback - and receiving feedback - is a crucial skill for leaders and teams. It helps us keep our team cultures thriving and our working relationships healthy and productive. It enables us to grow and develop ourselves, and to support others and our teams to grow into their potential.

Join us on Zoom for a free workshop on ‘Giving and Receiving Empowering Feedback’. Over 90 minutes we will explore:

  • Speaking to reach each other, listening to understand: communication tools for delivering and receiving feedback

  • Methods for feedback one-on-one or in a team

  • Setting ourselves up for success: conditions for effective feedback

  • Share your experiences and tips for feedback and hear from others from around the world

This workshop is for you if you are a leader or team member who wants to build your communication capacities and contribute to a healthy feedback culture in your team.  

It’s also a chance to learn about our 12 week program, the Leadership Journey, where we dive into various aspects of c​​​​​​​lear communication and authentic and empowering leadership.

This workshop will be facilitated by Unity Effect's co-founder Franziska Kohn.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Franziska & the Unity Effect Team

Please note: the workshop times are in Central European Summer Time (UTC +2). We do not record our workshops, but you will receive workshop materials afterwards.



Voluntary contribution

Our workshops are free. Yet if you would like to contribute, we invite you to make a donation instead. You can choose an organisation you trust, or we are happy to recommend one. This month we want to support Sea-Watch e.V., a non-profit initiative dedicated to civilian sea rescue in the central Mediterranean. 

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The event will take place online on Zoom. You will receive the link in the confirmation email. In case you cannot join please cancel your registration so another person can join us instead :)

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