How can sensor companies contribute to a sustainable transition and what are the opportunities to do this more in future? In a series of four workshops, we invite you to explore this question, among others, and put sustainability on our cluster’s agenda. The series is designed to kick off the conversation among the members and aims to create the basis to establish cluster functions on sustainability.

Workshop 3: August 30, 2:00 - 5:00 pm (virtual)

Workshop 4: September 8, 2:00 - 5:00 pm (virtual)

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In four workshops, we will

1. identify existing activities on sustainability in our network, and map strengths, assets, and capabilities that we can leverage in sustainability-oriented business and product innovation and potential cluster partnerships.

2. explore sector-specific sustainability challenges and pressures as opportunities to seize new business opportunities and to identify priority areas in need for performance improvement. Our perspective is both internal and external. What is the required work we need to do internally and how can the cluster support efforts of improvements, e.g. reducing waste, minimizing resource and CO2 emissions, re-use materials and expanding the product life cycle? The external perspective will identify how the capabilities and products of the sensor industry might indirectly contribute to a sustainable transition in other sectors and societal segments.

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The Cluster Sensorik is one of the 25 selected clusters in the 'Towards Green Transition' Facility. In this Facility, selected clusters will be trained and advised on a range of green transition topics so they can support their cluster members (especially SMEs) to become more resource efficient.

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