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How AI changes our life - examples from the real world

Join this session with Mr. Ralf Mühlenhöver, a tech-savvy business enthusiast whose passion for software and customer service drives innovation forward. With over two decades of experience in the call and contact center industry, including founding and successfully selling two software companies (Voxtron, voiXen), he now serves as the Head of Product Strategy and Marketing at VIER GmbH.

In his session he will examine the significant role of artificial intelligence across daily life and business. It shows its capacity to transform industries, enhance productivity, and influence everyday decision-making. 

Through real-world examples, it showcases AI's impact on diverse sectors like healthcare, customer service, marketing and jurisdication, underscoring its potential to reshape our future interactions, processes, and strategies in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Start of this interesting session will be 5:30 pm (17:30 Uhr) on Tuesday April 16.

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