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Conference Topic

Advisory work in rural areas focuses on people. This applies to agricultural and home economics extension as well as to nutrition advice. "Life and agriculture in transition" stands for the advisory topics in rural advisory work where the pressure for change is particularly noticeable: the pressing environmental problems such as climate change and species extinction, the megatrends of healthy living and digitalisation affect agricultural business concepts just as much as the life of every individual. In crises, developments accelerate. The Covid19 pandemic has made it clear how important it is to be reslient and to become crisis-proof.

"Accompanying change, supporting innovation, strengthening resilience" are three starting points for advisory services to bring benefits within these change processes. Accompanying and supporting people through change has always been the self-image of counselling. As an innovation support agent, supporting innovations in advisory projects through interdisciplinary networking and thus promoting future perspectives in rural areas requires a good understanding of processes and skill in moderation. This is still associated with a change of role for many advisors.

The Covid19 Pandemic 2020-21 has brought lasting economic and social impacts and a digitalisation push. How have advisors reacted in this situation? How have they managed to stand by their clients, especially in times of crisis? How can advisors help to strengthen resilience, i.e. the ability to survive crises unscathed? Is this a task of rural advisory services and what tools are available for this?

The IALB I EUFRAS I SEASN Conference 2021 Bodensee will focus on the exchange on these topics from the advisor's point of view. In workshops, online excursions around Lake Constance and in the poster session, best practice examples of professional support in the form of advisory services, educational offers and innovation projects will be presented. The key note speakers will address the three conference focal points.

Program overview

The conference will start on Thursday 10th, June 2021 at 9 am Central European Time (CET). The IALB General Meeting will take place on Thursday 10th, June 2021 from 5.15 - 6.30 pm.

The first conference day 10th, June 2021 will start with keynote presentations and panel discussion, followed by poster session and workshops. In favour of more intensive exchange, the workshop time will be extended to 1.5 hours and the group size reduced (1 instead of 2 workshops). The 60th anniversary of the IALB will also be honoured.

On Friday 11th, June 2021 there will be online excursions in the four countries bordering Lake Constance: Austria, Switzerland, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg. The Lake Constance region is the heartland of the IALB. Representatives from this region founded the IALB 60 years ago.



Other network meetings and side events can be planned on Wednesday before or Friday and Saturday after the conference. Please register side events at

Online Conference

The conference is planned as an online event, as the Covid situation does not allow the planning of a face-to-face event.

Zoom in combination with Slido will be used as video conferencing technology. The open space technology (Notes and explanatory videos will be used for the poster session (poster galery in artsteps) and for the exchange after the workshops. Another room will be open throughout the conference as a conference café for informal exchange. For the 60th anniversary, all participants are invited to post news, photos and films on a kudoboard (see below).

The conference will be recorded. With the registration you give a declaration of consent to the recording.

Technical requirements:

  •  You need a PC or laptop with webcam, microphone and loudspeaker (headset).
  • Please note that Zoom is sometimes not supported in public authority networks or its use must be activated.
  • For you need the browser Firefox or Chrome. The Safari browser is not supported. only runs on desktop computers, PCs and laptops. only works to a very limited extent on mobile phones / tablets.
  • For Slido, parallel use with a mobile phone is recommended.

Please take part in one of the technology tests offered before the conference!


wonder-me Introduction.pdf

The conference is bilingual, German and English. Lectures in plenary will be simultaneously translated into Zoom. Languages of the workshops and excursions are indicated in the program.

Subject to change without notice.

Call for Posters

Present your work or advisory project in the poster session! We are looking for posters on current topics, services and projects in the field of education and advisory work. For this purpose, a virtual exhibition space will be opened where these posters will be displayed. The poster session will be held in an open space format. The full call can be found here: Call for Posters IALB I EUFRAS I SEASN 2021.pdf

60 Years IALB

The conference is organised on the occasion of the anniversary by an international team from the four countries Bavaria, Austria, Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland: the State Management Academy for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (FüAk, Bavaria), the Vorarlberg Chamber of Agriculture (LK VBG, Austria) with the State Institute for Agriculture, Food and Rural Areas (LEL, Baden-Württemberg), Agridea (Switzerland) and the Kempten Office for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (AELF Kempten, Bavaria). On June 10th there will be a celebratory contribution to mark 60 years of the IALB.

Please make contributions on the Kudoboard 60 Years IALB. The aim is to create a big virtual congratulatory card together. Post messages, photos and videos on "My most interesting and beautiful IALB moments" and "My wish for the next 60 years of IALB" from now on.


The conference is financially supported by the Free State of Bavaria, the State of Baden-Württemberg, Austria, Switzerland and receives funding from the EU Horizon 2020 project i2connect No. 863039.

Preparation team

Pablo Asensio (FüAk) and Uwe Gottwald (FüAk) Coordination, Barbara Vielreicher (IALB), Christina Rusch (LK VBG), Petra Wiedemann (LFI VBG), Hermine Hascher (Agridea), Rita Mager (MLR Baden-Württemberg), Franziska Bauer (AELF Kempten), Michael Kügler (Brüssel), Milan Husniak (SEASN), Arne Fiedler (LEL)