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ijgd 3.0

Hello and nice to see you!

we are so happy to invite you to our international digital ijgd web.camps! A one-day workcamp experience!

Participating in one will be great for you if:

•    you are a curious person who is thirsty for new knowledge;
•    you love travelling and meeting new people;
•    you like trying new things and are not afraid of challenges;
•    you are fond of having enriching conversations with your peers;
•    you would like to deepen your understanding of Intercultural Learning;
•    you want to raise awareness of your culture and other cultures;
•    you want to stay connected with people from all over the world


Duration: 27. August 2020  from 10h to 17h CEST (central european summertime)

Technical requierements: Internet connection, Laptop (first choice) or mobile phone

Language: English

What we will offer:

•    offer you an interactive introduction of the participants
•    give a short presentation about ijgd workcamps
•    hold an Intercultural Learning workshop and
•    play a city hunt game (you’ll get to show your place of living to the group).

You are welcome to meet us!



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