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IMEKO TC8 "Traceability in Metrology"

free of charge online-workshop:

Traceability the backbone of metrology

8 November 2022; 12:00 - 15:00 (CET, UTC +1)

IMEKO TC8 is organising this workshop to discuss and present recent developments in "Traceability in Metrology" and to find out where support is needed, and which future topics should be covered by us.

Focus will be on topics related to our 4 technical sub-committees:

- classic traceability and its application today

- traceability in digitalisation (including add on discussion from TC6 conference)

- special issues - open for topics e. g. from chemistry or pharmacy

- interdisciplinary traceability


Further information to be found on the TC8 web page:

Access data will be provided via Mail few weeks prior to the event.

If you like to enrich the discussion by own ideas/approaches or to highlight specific problems/deficiencies, please do send 1-2 meaningful PowerPoint slides. The program committee will decide on their use.


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