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Application for the Summer School 2022

Joint International Workshop of the Faculty of Architecture and Design and the Faculty of Geomatics, Computer Science and Mathematics

Technological innovation gives us the possibility to measure, record and store, analyse, evaluate and visualize urban information. The vast opportunities this opens up to provide science-based foundations for decision making in planning, operating, and maintaining our cities and neighbourhoods can best be conceptualized, developed, and tested with specific use-cases.

The Summer School "Simulation in the City" will bring together students from various disciplines to collaborate and develop problem definitions and solutions for the Leonhardsplatz, a square in downtown Stuttgart.

The workshop follows the structure of a hackathon. Due to the pandemic, an entire generation of students did not have the opportunity to learn in a project-based group setting, use hardware, or be in close professional exchange with industry representatives. Nor did they have a chance to measure their skills in a competition-like on-site setting. "Simulation in the City" Summer School gives students who entered their studies during the pandemic the opportunity to make up for this learning gap.

Have a great summer together with us in the Simulation in the City Summer School 2022!


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