Registration until September 30th 2020!

From 23.10. - 25.10.2020 the first nationwide annual meeting of freelance education workers* will take place in the Old VHS in Bonn. We would like to get together with you to discuss our working conditions as freelancers and the conditions that are needed for educational work that is critical of power, racism, emancipation and transformation and to think about how we can strategically build up a representation of interests.

We are organising an Open Space along these three topics, where you can voice your concerns in this regard. The Open Space is framed around two subject-related presentations.

What is Open Space?

There is no fixed agenda, but there is a structured framework and a moderation team. At the beginning of the event, there is the possibility to develop the daily agenda together. All participants* have the opportunity to voice out their concerns: Something that is of great importance, an issue that holds them at heart, something for which individuals are ready to take responsibility and on which they want to work with others. All participants register in the working group, in which they would to partake in. Work is done in small groups. The size, composition, procedure and duration of these are determined by the participants themselves.

We are a small organisation team of six people who feel responsible for the initiation of this networking meeting. We have submitted several applications for funding, on which we are still waiting for feedback and will be able to say more about these on the spot. We create the framework and space you can fill with your topics. The whole thing lives from self-organization!

Self-organisation includes the following aspects:

- Bringing in topics for the Open Space

- Whisper translations if required

- Awareness Team

- Childcare

- Assembling and dismantling of equipment

- Preparing meals

- Planning and initiation of further annual meetings

- Establishment of an interest group

- and much more.


Friday, 23.10.2020

Saturday, 24.10.2020

Sunday, 25.10.2020

8-9 h: Break fast

8-9 h: Break fast

Ab 16 h: Arrival

17-18 h: Kick-off organization

9-11 h: Kick-off Open Space

Slot 1: 11-12:30 h

Slot 2: 12:30-14 h

Slot 3: 14-15:30 h

Slot 4: 15:30-18 h

Closure 18-18:30 h

Lunch Snack parallel to Open Space

9-10 h: Keynote speech "How can interest representation succeed?"

10-14 h: plenary session

18 h: Dinner (warm)

18:30-20 h: Dinner (warm)

19-21 h: Prelude Contents

Impulse/Introduction "Framework and working conditions of power-critical educational work"

Ab 20 h: Pub night

Parallel to this there are:

- self-organised rooms for Safer Spaces (FLINT* / BIPoC / others as required)

- Awareness structure

- self-organised childcare

- Prayer and meditation room

- Places of silence

Awareness structure and safer spaces

With our awareness concept, we want to ensure that the event is a great experience for everyone and that everyone feels comfortable. (Cis- / Hetero-) sexism, racism, ableism, anti-semitism, classism as well as any other form of discrimination have no space at the event!

The networking meeting should become a place where people from different walks of life, experiences and histories come together, people that experience different social privileges and de_privileges. It is therefore important for us that we all become aware of our own social positioning_s and show that we are open to the positioning_s of others. To ensure this, a mobile awareness team will be on site, rooms for self-organised Safer Spaces will be available, structural discrimination will be taken into account when registering, there will be All Gender and FLINT* and barrier-free toilets, ... Together we want to meet spatial, linguistic and all other barriers, be attentive to our respective needs for equal access and support each other.

Description of the place

The Old VHS ( ) is a self-organised open cultural centre and is easily accessible in the centre of Bonn. The ground floor and another building are barrier-free ( . There is another less accessible toilet in the adjacent building). We have reserved several larger and smaller rooms as well as children's chaos room for the event. The other rooms are used by other visitors* to the cultural centre.


We will of course take the current Corona regulations into account and adhere to the hygiene concept of the Old VHS ( ). Should it become apparent by the beginning of October that the event cannot take pace, we will switch to an adapted digital format and plan a larger meeting with you there for 2021.