How does multisensor calibration work in your company? What are the challenges and problems? Our expert Dr. Ali Hasnain and his team developed a time- and space-saving solution for multisensor calibration that will make your AI modules run even more reliably and accurately. How this works in practice, he shows in our first Technology DeepDive. Get up-to-the-minute input, discuss practical issues with peers, and learn from our expert which automation technologies are applicable for your plants.

Program at a glance:

  • Impulse: “Multisensor Calibration: its increasing use and importance in autonomous systems”
                      Dr. Ali Hasnain, co-founder and CEO at Curium
  • Insight: workshop group sessions
  • Idea wrap-up: gather ideas for optimizing your own systems

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Our expert Dr. Ali Hasnain is co-founder and CEO at Curium, a market leading innovator in sensor calibration technologies with a patent pending solution for multi-sensor calibration. This approach to calibration ensures that autonomous systems such as Autonomous Vehicles can achieve higher levels of autonomy safely. Curium’s Continuous Dynamic CalibrationTM (CDC) is able to work across multiple sensor types such as LiDAR, Radar and Cameras, to ensure higher levels of confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the sensor data used in autonomous systems.  The increased accuracy and reliability from Curium’s approach therefore enables AI modules to make accurate decisions all the time, every time.

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