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Network thinking and collaborative action

A thriving network, where many diverse actors contribute their expertise, resources and energy, has the potential to create a far greater impact than would be possible for any individual alone. In other words, the sum is greater than its parts. Nevertheless, networks are complex structures, which need a different approach to planning and coordination than we might know from our workplaces. How can we align everyone towards a shared direction? How can we encourage long-lasting engagement? And how can we drive a network and create real success stories?

Join us on Zoom for a free workshop on ‘Network thinking and collaborative action’. Over 90 minutes we will: 

  • Give you a frame to think about the DNA of your network

  • Offer a new perspective to think about network leadership

  • Experience a tool for shared sense-making (peer coaching)

  • Reflect on factors and practices for making your network easier to connect to and engage in

Whether you are a network leader, member of a network, or curious about collaborating in decentralized structures, we invite you to join us for an interactive workshop. Is your network already a place of engaged collaboration? That’s great, we’d love to learn from your experiences as well!

We look forward to exploring, reflecting and learning together with you!

The Unity Effect Team

Please note: the workshop times are in Central European Summer Time.



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