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The DZNE is a research institute funded by the German federal and state governments, comprising ten sites across Germany. It is dedicated to diseases of the brain and nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS, which are associated with dementia, movement disorders and other serious health impairments. To date, there are no cures for these diseases, which represent an enormous burden for countless affected individuals, their families, and the healthcare system.

The aim of DZNE is to unravel the causes and mechanisms of these diseases as well as to develop novel strategies for prevention, diagnosis, care, as well as treatment, and transfer them into practice. To this end, DZNE brings together the expertise of multiple scientific disciplines and experts from over 50 nations under one roof – while cooperating with universities, university hospitals, research centers and research-based companies in Germany and abroad. A distinctive feature of DZNE is its translational approach, which ensures a particularly efficient transfer and application of research results from fundamental research to clinical research and health care research. The institute is a member of the Helmholtz Association and belongs to the German Centers for Health Research.


We are looking for students and graduates of study files such as biology, medicine, computer science, informatics, mathematics, physics, social sciences, health care, nursing (Pflegewissenschaften), health economics and public health.

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