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Free Online Workshop: Regenerative Impact Evaluation

We usually look at evaluation as a means to measure the effectiveness of our actions, our progress towards our goals. Yet what if the process of evaluation not only measured change, but really shaped change, and enabled us to identify resources and practices that support us and our work in a meaningful way?

When applied in a regenerative manner, evaluation can foster the health of the overall system, including accelerating learning and the flow of information, clarifying next steps, deepening relationships, and bringing energy to ourselves and others, rather than creating pressure.

Over the past years, we’ve been researching, testing and exploring how impact evaluation can be done differently. And we are excited to invite you into that exploration. 

Join us on Zoom for a free workshop on “Regenerative Impact Evaluation”. Over 90 minutes we will:

  • Dive into background knowledge and concepts for a new way of applying impact evaluation. 

  • Get to know and apply tools and methods, e.g. for measuring capacity development or working with stories in a strategic way. 

  • Share and learn from each other's experiences, and enter a dialogue around impact evaluation as a regenerative practice. 

This workshop is designed in an experiential and interactive way which does not require any prior working experience in impact evaluation. It’s enough if you are curious about it - or want to reduce your anxiety regarding measurements, methodologies and metrics :)  

This workshop will be facilitated by Unity Effect's co-founder Jannik Kaiser.

We look forward to exploring, reflecting and learning together with you!

Jannik & the Unity Effect Team

Please note: the workshop times are in Central European Summer Time.



Voluntary contribution

Our workshops are free. Yet if you would like to contribute, we invite you to make a donation instead. You can choose an organisation you trust, or we are happy to recommend one. This month we want to support MitOst who are currently coordinating the collaborative efforts of civil society organisations that are directly supporting on-the-ground efforts in Ukraine.

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The event will take place online on Zoom. You will receive the link in the confirmation email. In case you cannot join please cancel your registration so another person can join us instead :)

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