For quick deciders: ROS Summer School 2022!

There has been remarkable progress in the field of mobile robotics over the last couple of years due to advanced hardware like 3D sensors and powerful embedded systems for processing. However, the software has been upgraded as well: when Willow Garage launched the first version of ROS (Robot Operating System) in 2010, they started a standardization of the „middleware“ which drives the world of mobile robotics. ROS is open source and offers the required services of an operating system. It is fine grained and consists of numerous reusable modules. It also provides tools and libraries for obtaining, building, writing, and running code across multiple computers with a powerful communication engine. ROS offers solutions for the main problems in mobile robotics: localization, mapping, path planning, locomotion and perception.

Our first ROS Summer School in 2012 showed that a lot of students are interested in mobile autonomous systems, but do not know how to start. Our ROS Summer Schools provide the right starter kit by using our robotic hardware and – of course – ROS software. We first start with some days of introductory courses, before we tackle the main task of mobile robotics, i.e. perception, localization, mapping and path planning. 

A highlight is a competition at the end of the second week: Summer School participants form different teams that have the task to design a typical mobile robotic application like indoor/outdoor exploration. They all use the same hardware, powered by their learnt ROS skills. 

Additionally, we offer excursions during the week to explore Aachen and other nearby cities (e.g. Cologne, Maastricht, Bonn). Last but not least, we have a farewell barbecue at the end.

More information about the ROS summer school and the preliminary schedule is available on our ROS home page

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Cancellation policy

There are no cancellation fees if you cannot join the summer school due to travel or visa restrictions enacted by your own or the German government! 

Cancellation till 15.07.2022 - 20% of the fee

Cancellation till 15.08.2022 - 50% of the fee

Cancellation after 15.08.2022 - 100% of the fee