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Learn Salsa dancing in Berlin

We are back! We’ve missed you and we are very happy to see you again in our brand new workshops.

Whether you've danced Salsa before or never danced in your life - we have the right class for you:

  1. You’ve never danced Salsa before? Or you just started learning it? Then we have the perfect event for you! We are organising a Beginners Bootcamp, to go from “I have two left feet, I don’t know how to dance” to “damn I’m doing some really cool moves!” in only one weekend!

  2. Since there haven’t been classes in a very long time, we’ve created a mix of workshops of old and new content for you:
    • Two refresher workshops to remind you of what you had already learned for the levels Improvers 1 and 2.
    • One workshop for those who haven’t completed our Improvers 2 level before Covid.
    • One new intermediate level class.

Do I need a partner?

  • You can join with a partner however if you don’t have one, no worries! You’ll be paired with someone at the beginning of the class. :)
  • You can also use our whatsapp group to find someone! 

What do I need to bring?

  • It’s going to be intensive, don’t forget to bring some water and tasty snacks.
  • Wear whatever you feel comfortable in (sweat pants are always a good idea).
  • We have to use clean shoes with white/clear soles in the studio. Socks are fine, too.

Corona FAQ’s / Regulations:

  • We will not change partners during the class.
  • Everyone needs proof of vaccination / negative test / covid recovery.
  • If you have symptoms of covid, you can’t enter the studio.
  • No masks required during dancing, otherwise they’re mandatory.
  • Find our hygiene concept in the menu on top right in "info" 

If you have a valid 10-class pass which you'd like to use, please contact us before booking.

17.&18.07.2021 (Sa&Su) - Beginners Bootcamp

  • all important basics of Cuban salsa dancing
  • in total 8 hours of dancing/learning + enough breaks
  • you will be able to dance your first short and fun routine and
  • you’ll have a solid base to build up on if you decide to go further

28.07.2021 (Wed) - Refresher Improvers 1 and intensive Improvers 2

  • 18:30 - 19:45: Improvers 1 Refresher (pre covid Monday)
    You’ve learned moves such as exhibela, enchufala and sombrero. Maybe you don’t really remember the difference between an enchufala ochos and an enchufala doble or you’d just like to see all the Monday moves again, to consolidate your basics and be comfortable to move forward.
  • 20:00 - 22:00: Improvers 2 intensive (pre covid Wednesday)
    You mastered the moves previously named and you’re ready to learn more super cool moves! Yay! Or maybe you had just started our Wednesday classes before Covid and want to continue where you stopped.

04.08.2021 (Wed) - Refresher Improvers 2 and Intermediate class

  • 18:30 - 20:00:  Improvers 2 Refresher (pre covid Wednesday)
    You used to come to our Wednesday classes before Covid, or you took the Improvers 2 intensive workshop on 28.07. You know moves like setenta and coca cola, but a little refresher wouldn’t hurt.
  • 20:15 - 21:45:  Intermediate class (pre covid Wednesday)
    Thanks to the refresher, you can do a coca cola with your eyes closed and now you want to finally learn some cool new stuff!



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