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Collegiate Shag & Balboa -> Please Note: Collegiate Shag (Curious and Confident) is SOLD OUT!


The Curious level is suitable for those who have a solid knowledge of all the basics. Numerous rhythm and footwork variations, varying leading/following techniques and concepts, and moves are now waiting for you. Also, you will gradually get used to different tempos and improve your feeling for music.

Let the learning begin!


After many years of experience in this swing dance, numerous local or international workshops and festivals, you are always confident on the dancefloor at all tempos and with every dance partner. Here you can work intensively on details and techniques and get in touch with unusual combos.

Freak out!


You are totally confident in your dancing, and that’s all there is to say. 

You understand the concepts and underlying structure of the dance and see it as a form of communication. You compete in different swing dances, teach them actively in your home scene or internationally - or you would say about yourself, that dancing is the one thing in your life, that takes it ALL. 

At this level, you will play with the quality of your movements, enhance your improvisational skills, use different levels of musicality, and bring the finesse of your leading or following to a whole new level. 

Let`s explore together!

*To ensure a high level of this class, we ask for a formal application during the registration process (text and video). Thank you for your understanding.

St. Louis Shag

Simple Basics / Curious:

You want to learn the St. Louis Shag Basics, or have you already taken your first steps? 

This level will take both the Beginners and the slightly more experienced St. Louis Shagsters onto a new level. Let yourself be blown away by Rokas and Simona's positive energy and dive into the world of St. Louis Shag!


You definitely have experience in this dance and have enjoyed many classes in the past couple of years.

Then this level is the place to be. 

Even if you are quite experienced in St. Louis Shag you will be challenged in this class.

Freak out!

Application for Invitational Level

Solo or Partner registration

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Master-Class Description

  • Shag 'n' Bal (by Sandy & Martí)
    Love is in the air You dance both Shag and Balboa, but mixing it in the same song is amaze-bals. Let us help you increase your gloriousness with cooler and smoother transitions from Bal to Shag and back again!
  • Musicality in your dancing (by Simona)
    A class that invites balboa and shag dancers to improve their rhythmical dance skills by using authentic jazz steps. You will learn how to spice up your partner dancing, especially on phrase breaks.
     SOLD OUT!
  • Be Like Water (by Anni & Gašper)
    Learn to improvise to the music with fluency and ease. Find your Slowbal style or identity.

Masterclass | Role and Partner

Shag 'n' Bal - Competition

Mix 'n' Match! Open Level!

Competition-Fee = 10 € (pay at the Check In)


Volunteers and STAFF

We would be happy to have some dancers supporting us as Volunteers.  So if you want to help us for free for some shifts from one to two hours and become an important part of the festival.

If you want to help us even more, we can offer you to become a STAFF-Member.
As a STAFF-Member you will get an 80 € Discount. You agree to work for 8 hours.
You will be an official Team member and will get responsibility together with a coordinating role.
As a Symbol of being an official Team member, you will get a free Festival Bag.

Creating such a beautiful, and big event needs a lot of helping hands and a lot of endurance from all of us. We are happy to invite you to be part of Alpine Jitterbugs Innsbruck and make this edition even better than the last ones ;)

Locals as hosts

As dancing can become really costly, we are happy to connect potential hosts and potential guests.  If you are from Innsbruck and would like to help a fellow dancer out, please sign up as a host. If you are not from Innsbruck and would like to get hosted please select hosting wanted.
We can not guarantee you a spot, thanks for your understanding.

You need a Host

We will inform you about a possible Host as soon as we have one. As usual, there are more requests than offers, we cannot assure you, to get a Free-Host.

Bed and Breakfast/Beer

Our two BnB-Partners are Nepomuks BnB and Montagu - Bed and Beers (no Breakfast included).
They are both very central. We blocked all the beds there to make sure, they are reserved for our guests.
If you are interested in this offer, please contact them directly and refer to the festival.

We can offer you the following PROMO-CODE for Montagu - Bed and Beers
-> Promo-Code: dancingweekend15 (15 % off).

Sauna 'n' Swim

We love Sauna, do you?
Our collaboration with the local company IKB allows us to offer 80 participants a discount for entering one of the Saunas and Swimming Pools of Innsbruck. So let us know on your registration form if you like to go to the Sauna. If you do, you will get one of the 80 discounts upon arrival.

We would recommend HALLENBAD AMRASER STRAßE because it has an incredibly lovely (Panorama-)Sauna!!!
The entrance to the Sauna is 17,40 € and the discount we can offer is 7,70 €.
Important: Please just click yes, if you actually consider going to use this discount.

COVID-19 / Informations

Covid-19 Info & Cancelation of the event:

We will be subject to all laws of the Austrian government, regarding events and classes during these times. We hope that everybody understands, that at the moment we are confident of hosting this festival in accordance with all legislations. However, if we will not be able to organize the festival as planned we`ll let you know as soon as possible.  We keep you updated on every further details we are facing and thank you for your trust.


After your registration, you will first be put on the waiting list.
As soon as we have checked your registration,
you will get a confirmation mail by us with your invoice and the payment details.

Protection of privacy & ToC

Please read up on our info about the protection of your privacy and terms of conditions ​​​​​​​

In case of questions concerning registration as well as other important matters, please feel free to contact us via following E-Mail-address

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