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SKIIVE Green Digital Innovation (gDIH Hub) Stakeholder Workshop (Online)

Dear Ms/Mr,

You’re invited to the Stakeholder Workshop in the context of the SKIIVE project led by the GIZ Digital Transformation Centre (DTC) Kenya and GFA Consulting Group GmbH. The main objective of the SKIIVE project is to establish a DTC in Kenya in the fields of agriculture, energy and ICT.

Agenda of the workshop: 

0930 CET / 1130 EAT - Stakeholder Introduction Exercise

0940 CET / 1140 EAT - SKIIVE Project Overview and Progress

0950 CET / 1150 EAT - gDIH Pillars and Focus Sectors (Agriculture, Energy and ICT)

1030 CET / 1230 EAT - Feedback Session

1100 CET / 1300 EAT - Workshop Ends

​​​​​​​This is the second workshop following a similar one held in Naivasha, Kenya, in November 2022 to raise awareness of the project and allow co-creation with key stakeholders.

Background information:​​​​​​​

The GIZ Digital Transformation Centre (DTC) Kenya is an initiative of the German Development Cooperation co-financed by the European Union (EU), established to support the country’s digital transition towards a sustainable and human-centred digital economy and society.

The main goal of SKIIVE is to improve the structural capacities of intermediaries of the digital and innovation ecosystem to strengthen the digital and entrepreneurial skills of SMEs and start-ups by strengthening intermediaries of the Kenyan digital innovation ecosystem.

One of the two main activities of the project is the development of a Green Digital Innovation Hub (gDIH) in Kenya, a one-stop shop that will contribute to digital transformation while promoting sustainable development, circular economy, environmental protection, and tackling climate change. The gDIH Hub is driven by the twin transition, where the green and digital transitions reinforce each other.

We believe your participation and input will enrich the workshop and the project.​​​​​​​


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