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Socially Speaking: Right Wing Extremist Strategies on Social Media

Regulatory pressures like the German NetzDG and efforts to moderate hate speech on big social media platforms have driven far-right extremists towards so-called alt-tech platforms. Combining activity on these platforms with their presence on larger social media, extremists use social media for community building, organizing, and spreading propaganda. In this talk, it will be examined, which strategies the far-right employ online, which topics they discuss, what platforms they use, and how a changing regulatory landscape impacts de-platforming and re-platforming. Dominik Hammer will draw from findings of the ongoing FMJ-funded project “Countering Radicalisation in Right Wing Extremist Online Subcultures” to answer these questions.

Dominik Hammer is a political scientist and a Research Manager at ISD Germany. Dominik focuses on the analysis of far-right online activities. His research focuses on democratic theory, the strengthening of democratic practice, and the analysis of antidemocratic movements. Prior to working at ISD Germany, Dominik Hammer worked in university research and teaching and in the field of adult education.

Wienke Strathern is a PhD Candidate in Computational Social Science & Big Data and a Research Associate at the Technical University of Munich. Wienke's research is focused on exploring the intricate connections between language, human behavior, and social media data. Her work revolves around analyzing large collections of social media data to uncover the structures, patterns, properties, and functions of language and human behavior, with a particular interest in studying moral outrages and online hatred. Wienke's interdisciplinary approach combines Linguistics, Social Sciences, and Computer Science, aiming to address the complex challenges at the intersection of these fields.

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