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Free Online Workshop: Creativity, power and hierarchies: Foundations for building collaborative organisations

Have you experienced the pain and joy of starting a collective endeavour? We know about the strengths that lie in gathering around a shared purpose, and the challenges in coordinating collective action without traditional hierarchies. In this free workshop, you will hear stories and insights from two organisations deeply rooted in principles of self-organisation and collaboration: Greaterthan and Unity Effect

When a group of people starts forming around a particular intention, certain conflicts can arise around hierarchy, power, responsibility and innovative practices. Is there a deeper reason for this? What do we need to address in order to create thriving, deeply collaborative and powerful organisations?

In this workshop we want to introduce you to the concept of Source as a working principle, based on the work by Peter Koenig: Every human initiative has its origin in the action of a person who takes a risk. This person has a dedicated position as source of the initiative, creating a (temporal) order. The creative field thereby generated attracts others who in turn become specific sources, contributing to its unfolding and success. Yet this idea is even more powerful if we look at it as empowerment for everyone: Every person has the opportunity within themselves to become a source and so discover the full creative potential within themselves and express it in different forms.

Does the concept of Source resonate with you and you’d like to learn more? Or do you feel resistance when reading about initiative, hierarchy and power? Whatever the case may be, we invite you to join us for a free interactive workshop. Over 90 minutes, we will: 

  • introduce you to the principles of Source,

  • learn from the experiences of Greaterthan and Unity Effect,

  • reflect on our own experiences with creativity, power and hierarchies in collaborative settings, and

  • exchange and learn from each other.

We look forward to exploring, reflecting and learning together with you!

Francesca, Jannik and Johannes

(Greaterthan & Unity Effect)

Please note: The workshop times are in Central European Summer Time (UTC +2). Our workshops are designed to be a space for exchange. We will not record, but you will receive our slides afterwards. We will exclude any AI tools for meeting notes (Otters, Fireflies, …) to enable open dialogue.



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