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Are you ready for:

Four weeks of working on your idea? 

Four weeks of team building with your team members? 

Four weeks of self-learning sessions with videos, live online panels, mentoring sessions and support from role models and successful founders? 

One final pitch night with a jury and audience?

You want to build your own success, create your own story and start up your own idea? You are motivated, curious and want to change something? Then you are exactely in the right place!

Heidelberg University presents the fourth round of the STARTUP LAB by hei_INNOVATION. Our goal is to show you innovative ways and methods to develop ideas, think outside the box and get your own business model off the ground! Your idea doesn't have to be fully developed yet, but you and your team should have a first concept of it to participate in the STARTUP LAB. We are looking for motivated, enthusiastic students or alumni who want to get something moving outside the lecture hall. However, we also welcome ideas and teams in a more advanced state who want to continue working on their startup and want more input, mentoring and support from startup experts. 

Hi! Great to see your interest in the STARTUP LAB by hei_INNOVATION. Please fill in the following questionnaire to complete your application. You need just ONE application per team. If you already have a pitch deck you can send it to Julia at hei_INNOVATION ( 

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! :-) 

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