Switch it Shag!


Switch it Shag

It's time to do some SWITCH and ELEF Stuff in Collegiate Shag!

What is ELEF?
Everybody Leads Everybody Follows
We are going to work mainly on our basics and our move repertoire in both roles. Solid technique as Lead and Follow can be learned and we are going to learn how to change fluently between the two roles!
The Level will be an OPEN LEVEL, so everyone is more than welcome to join!

Teachers: Franzi & Sirom

The concept:
We are going to have 8 classes á 2 h and will slowly build up from 0 to hero (Simple Basis).
It's one course, so you should attend every time.
If you have already done a Switch it Shag with us, you could also jump in on the 5th lesson.

Date, Location and Time:
Location: STT Reichenau, Radetzkystraße 43f
Tuesday, 18:00 – 20:00

Simple Basics (in both roles)

1. 03.10.23 
2. 10.10.23 
3. 17.10.23 
4. 24.10.23

Possible Jump in for experienced „Switch it Shagsters“ from lesson 5.

5. 07.11.23 
6. 14.11.23 
7. 21.11.23 
8. 28.11.23 

8 lessons á 16 h - 145 € 
4 lessons á 8 h - 85 €


This course will be held from 5 couples onwards.
​​​​​​​Please note the registration ends on 25.09.2023

Please, write to us anytime, if you have questions!
Keep on dancing,
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