TEMMPS – Tübingen week on Education, Motivation, Meta-Cognition, Personality, and Self-regulation

July 15-17, 2024, Tübingen, West-Spitze

Despite many calls for more integrated approaches to describe human behavior in learning contexts, there has been an ongoing proliferation of theoretical approaches that continue to be largely independent of each other; consequently, many phenomena, albeit relevant to various theoretical approaches, are examined in relative isolation.  

The planned conference focuses on four research traditions (motivation, meta-cognition, personality, and self-regulation) that can have considerable explanatory power for learning behavior, learning outcomes, and educational trajectories across the lifespan, and which also play a significant role in research being conducted in Tübingen. 

The TEMMPS conference brings together leading experts of these four research traditions to address central conceptual, theoretical, and empirical questions on the intersections of self-regulation with motivation, meta-cognition, and personality in learning processes in educational contexts.



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Program and contributions

All participants have the opportunity to present a poster or offer a special interest group. Please indicate the (preliminary) title of your contribution in this document.


We thank you for registering for our TEMMPS conference! Please let us know if there is something we should already know today.