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Timo Minssen

Prof. Timo Minssen will delve  into the pioneering research projects at the Center for Advanced Studies in Bioscience  Innovation Law (CeBIL) , spotlighting the NNF-funded Inter-CeBIL program and its history, organization, vision and mission. He will navigate through the Ethical, Legal, Societal and Policy Implications (ELSPI) that the scientifically independent studies seek to address, explaining the three key focus areas of the program: (1) Advanced Medical Computing, including medical AI and Quantum Technology (2) Pandemic Preparedness and Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR), and (3) Sustainable Innovation in Health and Life Sciences. Based on the research stemming from these key areas, the Inter-CeBIL Program also engages in interesting case studies with start-ups, care providers and interest groups where they provide insights into legal and regulatory challenges.

  • Join us from 12 PM - 1 PM as Timo Minssen navigates us through the complex terrain of ELSPI in the health and life sciences.

Join us for a candid discussion as Prof. Timo Minssen shares insights gleaned from his doctoral dissertation journey and collaborative experiences. In this informal session, Prof. Minssen will reflect on mistakes made, lessons learned, and what he might have done differently while writing his dissertation and later leading highly international and interdisciplinary research projects.

  • Join us from 1 PM - 2 PM if you are a PhD student, to gain valuable tips on navigating interdisciplinary collaboration as Prof. Minssen shares personal anecdotes and practical advice on strategic networking. 


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