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Tools and methods for scientific policy advice

Series of four Online-Workshops

Have you ever wanted to use your academic expertise to inform climate-related policies? Learn how you can start, and hear experts’ personal experiences!

In this online workshop series, experts from the IASS share their knowledge and skills in  transformative policy advice for sustainable development and climate mitigation. Every workshop session starts with a short input, followed by a moderated Q & A and a round of breakout-groups to apply the insights for your respective field of research.

This workshop series is right for you if:

you would like to create political impact from your research but you’re wondering how to do this effectively

you already have some experience in scientific policy advice and would like to reflect your experiences in a group of peers

you want to gain an overview on tools and methods for transformative policy advice

Workshop 1: Introduction to tools for transformative policy advice and experiences from the mobility sector

by Prof. Dr. Sophia Becker, Scientific Group Leader Methods for transformative policy advice, IASS Potsdam & TU Berlin

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