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From April 21st to April 23rd 2023, the International Congress "TRANSITION - Theater Education for the Democratization of Societies" will take place in the Hannover Pavilion.
Analogue, digital and hybrid current methods and strategies of theater education to promote democracy are presented and tried out. The Transition Congress offers spaces for current discourse, for qualifying training courses in methodology and didactics of theater education, for a showcase of international theater education co-productions and for the professional and interpersonal exchange of theater teachers from Europe.

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Workshop descriptions for Workshops starting at 10 a.m.:

1. Deep Democracy - NOW /// Juliane Lenssen

In an intensive documentary workshop, participants develop short theatre scenes on the theme of "democracy" and fill this concept with their own experiences, wishes and interview material. They learn about documentary theatre work and then use this method to develop a presentation. The participants create a catalogue of questions on the topic and interview each other as well as passersby on the street. From the interview material, their own thoughts on the topic and associated texts, they develop scenes using theatre, singing, music and choreography. A short and internal presentation of the scenes will take place at the end of the workshop. 

Juliane Lenssen studied object theatre in Germany and Poland. She has staged at various venues and is co-director of Das Letzte Kleinod. She is also an author and director of children's theatre and stages performances with young people as a theatre pedagogue. Das Letzte Kleinod / das junge kleinod plays on places and connects them to their stories. The projects are realised as site-specific  performances with participants from different countries. The projects deal with current topics such as climate change, racism, sustainability, identity or deal with historical topics in a documentary way and establish a reference to "today".

2. Creating a Pre-Play For Forum Theater /// Dr. Ihsan Metinnam

Forum theater is a theater approach that aims to raise political awareness of non-performance or non-theater people by revealing the oppressor-oppressed contradiction by performing and acting as actors, developed by the Brazilian theater director and theorist Augusto Boal. Through forum theater, many issues that may reveal the oppressor-oppressed relationship such as gender, ageism, and immigration can be discussed. In a forum theater work, a pre-play is presented to the audience, whose problems are assumed to be common. This pre-play is studied with a small group that is thought to represent the audience group. After the play is created, it is presented to the audience. There are two main roles in the game. One of them is the oppressed (protagonist) and the other is the oppressor (antagonist). The play is interrupted at a certain point and the audience is invited onto the stage to play the part of the oppressed. The audience on the stage starts the play from wherever they want and presents the solution proposed for the existing oppression situation by playing a role. The goal is to gain awareness and change them, to make them see that the world is changeable. In these workshops, first of all, physical activities and games that prepare them for the process are carried out. Then, some abstract and concrete concepts are used to evoke the subject at the center of the forum theater, and still images are used. At this stage, the image theater is used to reveal the oppressed situations. In this process, the pre-play that will form the basis of the forum theater performance is tried to be revealed. This workshop aims to create a 
resources that can be used. While doing this, discussions on the theoretical dimension of forum theater will also be held. 

Dr. IHSAN METINNAM, graduated 2011 from Ankara University, Institute of Educational Sciences, Creative Drama Graduate Program. He completed his Ph.D. at Fine Arts Education Department of Ankara University, Institute of Educational Sciences in 2017.  Currently he is working on the relationship between social theory and creative drama, social justice, the transformative, emancipatory social contexts of creative drama. From 2013 to 2017,he worked on the boards of the Contemporary Drama Association and IDEA (International Drama Theatre and Education Association). Now he works as a lecturer at Ankara University Faculty of Fine Arts.

3. Consensus and dissent: What atmosphere do democratic processes need? /// Ingrid Hentschel

"I feel it, but don't see it!" Atmospheres influence moods and actions: consciously and unconsciously. They connect us with each other and with the world. The awareness of atmospheres and their design supports a climate for lived diversity, inclusion and democratic processes. This practical theatre workshop examines and tests the influence of atmospheres on our forms of communication and cooperation. Exercises and improvisations according to the Chekhov technique help to develop a feeling for the invisible spaces in between and to gain visions for a pluralistic multipolar world.

Please wear movement-friendly clothing. 

Ingrid Hentschel is Professor of Cultural Education, Theatre and
Performance at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.


Excursion descriptions for program starting at 2 p.m.:

1. Platzprojekt Hannover – Modellprojekt für experim. Stadtentwicklung /// Kiriakoula Kremantzouli, Kulturvermittlerin (Hannover, D)

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2. Who is your tyrant? /// Jelena Galovíc, Performerin (Novi Sad, Serbien)

This workshop is designed to give a short introduction to a contemporary theatrical methodology ANTYGONE which was designed by independent italian theatre Alla Guilla. This methodology uses motives and main characters from the ancient drama Antygone and uses them as a starting point when working in the field of applied or devised theater. We will move and use our bodies to find parallels in the modern world and discuss power struggles in it.

3. Exkursion: Spielplatz nORTstadt – Szenische Stadtführung Nordstadt Hannover /// Coco Rohwer, Julia Gentili (TPZ Hannover, D)


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