4 Fantastic Speakers – 4 Fascinating Scientific Perspectives – 4 Exclusive Wines

The weird and wonderful world of wine and apocalypse have a long and heady history, although it is often an unaware anchorage that combines them, wine has much more to do with world endings than one might, at first, assume. Considering the significance of viticulture, history, empire, politics, and apocalypse together in their altogether often unaware entanglements offers us new ways to think about the drink while still expecting quality and – that subjective sense – taste.

Wine, Worlds, Wastelands will be a one-of-a-kind event where the realms of academia and wine tasting collide. Four fantastic wines; four speakers all hailing from around the world will take attendees on a tour of apocalyptic temporalities in a shirting wine world, climate change, consumption, geopolitics, wellness industries, and the intricacies of viticulture as well as its history and practices. When the very real prospect and actuality of losing some well-loved wines as the planet warms, and new wine worlds in unsuspecting places like Poland and the United Kingdom open up, its crucial to ask ourselves questions concerning the bigger picture of what has already been lost, how if at all possible do we make amends, and what does our relationship to nature and the natural more-than-human world look like?

The Apocalyptic Wine Tasting is brought to you by the Käte Hamburger Centre for Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Studies (CAPAS) at Heidelberg University. CAPAS is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). 

Note: This is a cost-neutral event, all admission fees cover the costs for wines, water and bread exclusively. Talks will be held in English.

The Wines

The Speakers

  • Michael Dunn (CAPAS / Heidelberg University): Apocalyptic Temporalities in a Shifting Wine World
  • Emily Ray (CAPAS / Sonoma State University) Aging Gracefully: Wine, Wellness, and the End of Worlds
  • Richard Zinken (Naturweinwelt):  No wine today – Viticultural Apocalypses
  • Philipp Schrögel  (CAPAS / Heidelberg University): Moderation

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