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Collaborative & purposeful leadership

Solving complex problems, building healthy teams and partnerships and working together to take strategic action in our complex world requires a different kind of mindset, as well as capacities and tools, than in the past. A new kind of leadership is needed, with a greater value placed on collaboration and purpose. So which capacities, skills and mindset enable this kind of leadership? And what gets in the way?

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our workshop on May 14th, 18:30 - 20:30 to dive into this question and explore the topic of leading with courage and purpose. This is a topic which is essential in the world of new work, agility and self-organization, yet is relevant for anyone who is a leader, whether in their role or not, or simply curious to learn more about leadership.

We believe that the answer to our challenges in leadership and teamwork go beyond the use of innovative tools and methods. During the workshop we will explore the role which our individual capacities, values and behaviour play in building healthy team cultures. Together we will explore questions such as “what gets in the way of a more collaborative and purposeful kind of leadership?” and “what do we need to let go of and what do we want to stand up for, to create a thriving work environment?”. We will also share our perspective and experiences from our understanding of new leadership and our work as a self-organised team.

The 2-hour workshop on “Collaborative & purposeful leadership” will take place on 14 May (arrival 18:15; start 18:30 - 20:30) at the Social Impact Lab Bonn.


The price for this workshop is 25 EUR or 15 EUR reduced. (The participants themselves choose the appropriate price category when registering).


Social Impact Lab Bonn (Heinemannstr. 34, 53175, Bonn)


This event will be held in English.



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