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Application for the yooweedoo Social Enterprise Accelerator (Project 2)

Have you taken your first step into social entrepreneurship and formed the first version of your solution?

The next step is an important one: deciding whether or not you will continue and move ahead to form and grow a social enterprise. This decision takes your team beyond a once-off project and into the longer-term establishment of an organization.

Make sure you discuss this in depth within your project team, to decide if this is something you want to commit to. If the answer is “yes!”, then over the next 6 months, through the yooweedoo Social Enterprise Accelerator, you will:
1.    Improve your team processes, systems and culture
2.    Focus on how you are meeting the needs of your customers and beneficiaries
3.    Assess ways to scale your solution up, out or deep
4.    Exploring examples for sales and distribution  
5.    Get Consultation on tax and legal requirements  
6.    Advice on Crowdfunding if needed

So, if you are ready to take the next step and join the yooweedoo Social Enterprise Accelerator, please fill in the application below.

Please complete only one application form per team.
Note: this Accelerator is described as Changemaker ‘Project 2’ in the University system and is worth 12 ECTS.

Places are limited! Application deadline: 17th October 2022

Who are you?

Your project

Team members

What is your project/Social Enterprise about?

The problem

The solution


What is your current status?

Key activities


It's all about the team


What is your vision for the future?

It might be that you don’t know exactly where you want to go with your project yet! We hope that we can help you to figure that out through the Accelerator Programme. However, we want to get an idea of what you are thinking about it at this point of time:

12-months vision

Think big


    • Scaling OUT: replicate your solution in additional locations, grow your organizational capacity, or increase the reach of your solution
    • Scaling UP: integrate your solution into larger institutions, partner with other organizations or coalitions, or advocate for policy or legal change
    • Scaling DEEP: support others to contribute to or replicate your solution, work with communities to adapt your solution, invest in transformative learning, or focus on one cultural or values shift


    For the yooweedoo Social Enterprise Accelerator to really help you to evolve and develop your organization, each individual person and the whole team will need to actively engage in the process.

    One last thing...

    Project description on

    Please update the existing project description on the platform / create a new project page if you don't have an existing one.

    Make sure that all links to websites or social media platforms work properly and that your contact address is up to date.

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    If you have any questions or want to cancel your application, please send us an email to Stefan:

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    We will let you know if you have a spot in the programme by 20th October 2022.

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