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When Empires Strike Back - Young Security Conference 2023

On the conference:

Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has called into question the peace and stability that the EU and NATO were established to ensure. However, the actions of illiberal actors on the continent has exacerbated disunity on both sides of the Atlantic. What can the EU do to become a relevant and autonomous security actor, and should this even be its goal? Why is the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) stagnating at a time when change is needed to respond to Russia’s war against Ukraine? And what is required to set up the necessary institutional infrastructure to become a true Union? The #YSC2023 positions itself on the cutting edge of EU security politics as we search for innovative solutions on how to reform the CFSP in this pivotal time in Europe’s history.

About the YSC:

The #YSC is a Berlin-based think-tank that connects young thinkers with policy experts and academic scholars in a critical and constructive dialogue about the future of European foreign and security policy. Through its annual conference and fellowship, the YSC stands out for its participatory and innovative character. By engaging in various panels and workshops, submitting policy papers through our fellowship, and taking part in a wide range of creative exchanges, attendees can participate in a perfect environment for sharing and discussing new ideas. The conference covers crucial topics such as Franco-German relations and the EU’s strategic autonomy, making it an exceptional platform to gain insights and perspectives on European foreign and security policy.


Young Security Conference

In partnership with:​​​​​​​

Amerikahaus - Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations,

YSC's Funders:

Franco-German Youth Office (DFJW)Franco-German University (DFH)Federal Agency for Civic Education (BpP)Hertie FoundationFriedrich Naumann Stiftung Bayern


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