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Virtual Symposium: Making Global Citizenship Education for the Arts & Humanities

PSE Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg / KOALA-Initiative: English / University of Education Ludwigsburg / Stuttgart University  

Please join us on Wednesday, September 28, 10.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m. (CEST)

‘Making’ is a fast-growing trend in recent educational technology. So-called ‘makerspaces’ provide safe areas where students are encouraged to imagine, experiment, perform, and ‘make’. This initiative constitutes a foray into better understanding the value of ‘making’ with a special focus on the potential of maker education for the arts and humanities in the wider context of Global Citizenship Education (GCED).

This project addresses newcomers to ‘making technology’ as well as cordially inviting experts already working in this area to share and discuss their best practice examples. It reaches out to researchers, artists, teachers, and schools interested in empirical and cognitive cultural and literary studies, neuroscience, design, play, creativity, visual studies, and the visual and performing arts. 


Introduction & Section I: In the Making: Sculpting, Visual Arts, and aesthetic experience (approx. 60 mins) [10.00 a.m.]              

Sannah König (Dipl. Ing.): Just add balloons: Promoting Diversity in Makerspaces / Dr. Saskia Schabio: Poiesis - 'Making' Empirical Aesthetics 

Prof. Mie Buhl Ph.D. (Aalborg University) Programming as enabler of new aesthetic qualities in sculpting in visual arts education

Assoc. Prof. Stine Ejsing-Dunn Ph.D. (Aalborg University) / Assist. Prof. Magda Pischetola Ph.D. (University of Copenhagen): “Does it matter?”: Learning through aesthetic experiences in a higher education communication design course. 

Section II: Makerspaces & Maker{School} for the Arts and Humanities [11.15 a.m.]                                                                                 

Mette Lynnerup Hollensen (Danish Teachers Resource Centre VIA CFU): Makerspaces – a close-to-practice talk about why the humanities need them. 

Dr. Alison Buxton (Univ. of Sheffield):  The Making of Maker{School}

Section III: Intercultural Dialogue & Global Citizenship Education [12.30 p.m]                                                                                           

Constanza Cárdenas / Paul Dávila:  Literature and Arts - Tools for Promoting Intercultural Dialogue 
Introducing the programme CHAT BETWEEN WORLDSConstanza Cárdenas and Paul Dávila offer their first-hand experience of using literature in creative online interaction between local schools in BW and experts from the Global South. Examples include the poetry of
Mapuche-Argentinian poet Liliana Ancalao. This involves questions of symmetrical dialogue across cultures, the role of situated knowledge, and creative interaction with literary texts.

Section IV: Q & A, Forum and Open Call [1.15 p.m. - 2.00 p.m.]                                                                                                                 
Inviting discussion across disciplines, we will have time for Q & A, as well as engaging with implications of current practices of Global Citizenship Education for Maker Education and Course Design.  Furthermore, participants are cordially invited to share their teaching experience and work in progress. If you are interested in joining us as panellists, please add a brief comment [see registration form below: message to the organiser] . We look forward to vibrant discussion and intense dialogue.

​​​​​​​Read the Call for Papers. 

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About this initiative
This symposium is a joint initiative between Associate Prof. Stine Ejsing Duun, Ph.D. (Aalborg University), Assist. Prof. Magda Pischetola, Ph.D. (University of Copenhagen), Mette Lynnerup Hollensen M.A. (Danish Teachers Resource Centre VIA CFU), EPIZ [], Sannah König, Dipl.Ing., and Dr. Saskia Schabio.

We are grateful for the support of the PSE Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg KOALA-Project / English (University of Education Ludwigsburg / University of Stuttgart): Prof. Dr. Marc Priewe (US) / Prof. Dr. Götz Schwab (PHL): Entwicklung und Durchführung von WEB-Seminaren (




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