Application for Membership

at Tübingen Center for Digital Education (TueCeDE)

According to the constitution of TueCeDE which were approved by the former president of the University of Tübingen, Prof. Engler, on June 8 2022, the following applies:

(1) Members of the Center may be scientists of the University of Tübingen holding a doctoral degree or PhD, as well as scientists of cooperating scientific institutions (i.e., institutions with an official cooperation agreement), who conduct research in the field of digital education research and who commit themselves to participate in the common tasks of the Tübingen Center for Digital Education. They form the General Assembly of Members. Members are admitted by the Steering Board after new members are confirmed by the General Assembly.

(2) Project staff and PhD students working at the Center may also participate in the General Assembly of TueCeDE (non-voting) without official application as member, unless participation is excluded by the Steering Board in individual cases.

(3) Membership in the Center shall end by personal declaration or by determination of the Steering Board that participation no longer takes place; the person concerned shall be heard on this before the determination of the termination of membership. A renewed admission as a member is possible.

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