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Finding your purpose in a pandemic 

What’s important to me? Which direction do I want to take? Where might be opportunities I’ve never considered before? What are my next steps? And what supports me to take them?

Right now, many of us are facing a lot of uncertainty. Perhaps our plans no longer work, the path we planned to take no longer makes sense, or we are looking at our priorities through a new lens. Amidst the craziness of this unprecedented time, many of us are asking ourselves some big questions about who we are, what we want to do in our life and how we want our new ‘normal’ to be. 

Join us on Zoom for our next Huddle to dive into the topic of purpose - which can be a powerful source of inspiration, courage, trust and energy, and can help us navigate decisions, challenges and uncertainty. 

We can’t promise that you will (re)discover your purpose over the 1.5 hours together, but we can offer you the space to reflect, connect, get inspired and maybe get a step closer to finding your calling. If you want to go deeper into this, you’ll have to join us on our upcoming Purpose Journey (and we will share more about this in the Huddle too!). If you are thinking about joining our Purpose Journey, or you're curious about how we facilitate online, this is a good place to start! And if you are wondering: what exactly is a Huddle? You can read the info section for more :) 

See you online soon for an interactive, reflective and purposeful Zoom call! 

The Unity Effect Team



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