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virtual Mobile Tuesday: Integrated Photonics enabled opportunities in Automotive  

The E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg and Photon Delta virtually invite you to the Mobile Tuesday on January 26th 2021!

Solid-state integration of multiple photonics functions on a Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) carries the promise of significant reduction of size and weight, manufacturing costs, power consumption and reliability compared to assembling and packaging of discrete photonics components and bulk-optics. 
A compelling long-term vision exists, analogue to the evolution of the semiconductors industry, for a (concentrated) supply chain that can enable multiple applications across multiple markets by delivering integrated photonics components (ie PICs, SiP, modules, subsystems) at agreed quality, quantity and timelines. The automotive market in particular could benefit from these developments for multiple applications, e.g. next generation compact low-cost Lidar, adaptive management and structural health monitoring/ of vehicles mechanical and (electric) power-train systems, passenger well-being, connectivity and security.
The Netherlands, per effect of significant developments carried out in the past in this domain by large private parties and universities have set-up a promising industry cluster. PhotonDelta organization has been set-up in January 2019 in the Netherlands to act as the Dutch-centred integrated photonics industry builder and accelerator by designing a multi-faceted industry building strategy, by orchestrating its execution leveraging a high number of partners and a wide (global) network and by leveraging significant funds to catalyze and accelerate developments.
In this webinar Giuseppe Coppola and Carol de Vries, respectively Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer and Program Manager Automotive at PhotonDelta, will discuss further the integrated photonics technology, the PhotonDelta program, the capabilities of the companies in portfolio and, last but not least, the opportunities foreseen in automotive and relevant on-going developments as part of the PhotonDelta automotive roadmap.



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